BBNaija S7: Bryann loses his cool on Rachel – BBNaija

Bryann and Rachel
Bryann lashed out at rachel

Dishwashing has sparked a dispute among the roommates, which has enraged the residents.

With only a few days left until the finals, the remaining contestants appear to have had enough of each other, particularly about house cleanliness.

Recently, Bryann lashed out at Rachel following a dispute about certain housemates not washing their plates. After Rachel defended leaving her plates in the sink, the vocalist became agitated.

Rachel earlier reported that she discarded her dishes after observing other unclean dishes. Bryann, visibly irritated, argued that individuals choose to react when it is convenient for them. However, the situation deteriorated as Bryann shouted at Rachel for shouting his name again.

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The housemates have less than forty-eight hours till the finals, and the stakes are accordingly higher. This Sunday, one of the housemates will be awarded N100 million. Fans have already begun guessing at the winner of the season.

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