BBNaija S7: Adekunle waxes lyrical with Daniella

Adekunle, Daniella
Adekunle, Daniella

Adekunle tells Daniella that after a great party, she represents the ideal child he hopes to have.

The housemates dressed to impress for the party, and it showed. Following the event, Adekunle spoke with Daniella and said that she exemplified the kind of daughter he hoped to have.

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After finishing their task, the housemates received a call from Biggie telling them to get ready for the Saturday night party. The housemates’ moods were mixed after completing the task, but hearing that their party clothes had arrived instantly lifted their spirits.

The housemates got ready for the celebration swiftly and then entered the room. Naturally, there was a lot of rocking, and as always, the drinks kept coming. After the festivities finished, the housemates dispersed to pursue individual interests. While some went straight to bed, others, like Chichi, got to work on dinner.

However, Daniella was off to the side doing some quiet work on her Tail of the House project. Adekunle stopped over to keep Daniella company as she worked, and their chat seemed to pave the way for Adekunle to establish a foothold in Daniella’s affections.

When Daniella asked why, he said it was because he always imagined himself with three daughters just like her. Daniella exemplified, in his words, “hoodies, joggers, your body physique.” But, he went on, “there is really just one way that may occur.” As a result of Daniella’s reaction to his previous statement, he had to ask again, “What do you think I was trying to say?”

Hmmm! Do you want us to take a stab in the dark, Adekunle?

After Adekunle’s question caused Daniella to laugh out loud, the two of them moved on to other things.

Will Adekunle show Daniella his bare chest and declare his love for her before the season ends? What will happen next is something we need to know immediately.

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