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Lipton task
Lipton task

This evening was particularly tumultuous for the housemates, who were in a constant argument over Chichi’s conduct during the Lipton Task.

Adekunle and Phyna
Phyna, Adekunle, and a few other housemates were upset with Chichi because, in their opinion, she miscalculated one of their points. This hatred boils over into a small party hosted by Lipton Task.

Bella, Chichi, Chizzy, Hermes, Rachel, and Sheggz were all on Team Extra Strong. Adekunle, Bryann, Daniella, Groovy, and Phyno were all on Team Yellow Label.

The conflict between the housemates began after Chichi was accused of miscalculating a few points during the first task activity.

Phyna and Adekunle were quick to express their anger when they returned to the house to prepare for Lipton’s small party.

Sheggz mentioned Adekunle’s cheating while they were arguing in the dressing room. This did not sit well with Adekunle, who voiced his displeasure. Sheggz tried to correct himself by saying he might have used the wrong word, but Adekunle didn’t care.

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Adekunle later disclosed to Hermes that he was on the verge of losing it with Sheggz before realizing that he wasn’t worth it.

The Dull Party

As the housemates gathered in the arena for the Lipton-sponsored party, a new round of hatred erupted when Team Extra Strong Chichi’s team was declared the champions. The contestants were instructed to enjoy the party with food, beverages, and a game of “Taboo.”

This did not occur, as the housemates only ate and did not interact with one another. A few minutes after their arrival, Biggie announced the end of the party.

This resulted in a fresh round of drama, with housemates accusing one another of ruining the atmosphere at the Lipton party.

Hermes said that he and the other housemates shouldn’t have eaten first, and Bryant said that every problem in the house was because people didn’t know how to deal with their emotions.

We hope that the housemates will be able to stay healthy till the end of the season.

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