Reactions trail Tinubu’s meeting with Northern Pentecostal bishops


Thursday night, the Abuja meeting between the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the Pentecostal Bishops Forum of Northern Nigeria came under scrutiny.

Nigerians from all walks of life commented on the former governor of Lagos State’s social media accounts, especially on Facebook and Twitter, hours after photos of him meeting with northern clergy at his Abuja campaign office went viral online.

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This happened less than three months after the Christian Association of Nigeria distanced itself from the presence of some alleged bishops and pastors at the unveiling of the vice presidential candidate of the party, Kashim Shettima, saying that they were desperados who went there for themselves.

CAN said that Tinubu could “hire mechanics and other artists to sew clerical vestments for them,” but that this would just add to their many ropes and not change how important fairness and justice are.

Similarly, on Tuesday, former House Speaker Yakubu Dogara and former Secretary to the Government of the Federation Babachir Lawal issued further threats to mobilize the northern Christian electorate against Tinubu in the February 25, 2023, election.

Dogara had said that running on a Muslim-Muslim ticket was “doomed to fail spectacularly” as a political move.

The former speaker made the statement during his keynote talk at the Nigeria National Christian Coalition-hosted “Meet The Church” summit.

Lawal, on the other hand, declared that the APC’s proposal of a same-faith ticket was an intentional attempt to further polarize the North.

During an interview with Arise Television, the dissatisfied former SGF stated that he was working with roughly 40 Christian leaders in the North to ensure the failure of the disputed APC ticket.

On Thursday, though, the APC national leader is said to have told the PBFNS team led by Archbishop John Praise of Dominion Chapel International Church why he chose Shettima for the northern Christian bishops.

Tinubu argued that his selection of Shettima was not an attempt to spite the Christian community, but rather a decision he had to make in order to provide Nigerians with an effective government if he were elected.

He said, “This morning, I had a lively, productive, and friendly meeting with a team from the Pentecostal Bishops Forum of Northern Nigeria. We talked about important national issues and my plans to bring Nigeria unity, harmony, and lasting peace.”

His social media posts were met with rapid responses. Some of his supporters and party members liked what he did, but many made fun of him for trying to pull another trick on the Christian community.

Ebenezer Arinze, who has a degree in engineering from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, wondered on Facebook why the former governor, who ran on a Muslim-Muslim ticket, decided all of a sudden that he needed to work with Christian leaders.

“Christian Northern leaders? How did they become so obvious to someone who believes that the Christian majority in Nigeria cannot produce a qualified running mate?

Jide Shopekan, founder of IntegerPlus TV, praised the decision, stating, “Las Las, it’s all about interest. “The top political strategist is competing.”

A real estate agent named Agaba Idu warned on Twitter that Tinubu’s longtime friendship with fake preachers would not be seen as a recommendation by angry Nigerians.

He stated, “Tinubu employs phony bishops. This deception will accomplish nothing. It’s a failed endeavor.”

You spotted them, but you paid some false charlatans to attend the presentation of your Boko Haram vice president, according to @PrinceLince.

Unfortunately for you, these people will never be able to preach to their congregation about the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Olowojaye Rufus, a software developer, defended Tinubu’s viewpoint by stating, “Being married to a pastor with Christian children, he is not a Muslim to the normal Muslim Northerner.”

“If he chose a Christian running mate, it would be an own goal; Atiku would exploit it to destabilize him in the APC’s strongholds in the North. “Shettima was his most secure option.”

A second Twitter user, Daniel Onuoha, said that the APC candidate was not religiously tolerant because he chose candidates of the same faith.

He said, “False bishops… You said Christians are not qualified. Why do you require our ineffective votes?

“The Muslim Muslim ticket is an affront to our religion… You should be embarrassed at your decision, but at least you had the courage to enter a church. so reprehensible”

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