Cleaner’s son rapes, kills girl inside Oyo church


Tosin Kolade, the son of a church cleaner in the Ibadan region of Oyo State, is accused of raping and killing a 17-year-old girl.

It was reported to Metro that when Kolade got home from work, he asked the young lady to help him bring in some chairs for the church.

It seems that the girl was running errands for the church when Kolade jumped on her and raped her.

Kolade is accused of killing the 17-year-old girl and putting her body in a remote place.

According to our correspondent’s reporting, the victim’s parents got concerned when she didn’t come home on time and contacted church members, but they were unable to determine the teen’s location.

Unfortunately, the quest was fruitless. The victim’s parents and church members filed a missing person complaint with the police in Iyana-Offa.

Adebowale Williams, the state’s police commissioner, was showing criminals around the command headquarters on Tuesday. He said that when police learned where Kolade was, they moved quickly to catch him.

He stated, “Right away, a search group was assembled to determine the circumstances of her disappearance. During this time, the parents of the dead got a call from an unknown number. The caller told them in no uncertain terms that their child had been taken.

The preliminary inquiry indicated that the body was discovered near a Bible school in the Olodo region and that the woman had bleeding genitalia and evidence of struggling, suggesting that she may have been manhandled before her untimely death.

Kolade described how he lured the victim into the church, where he threatened her with a knife and raped her, before killing her when she gave him the wrong password to her phone. This crime was committed at the parade ground.

On September 17, 2022, he stated, “I came home, got the church key from my mom, who works there as a housekeeper, and went inside. When the girl would be walking through our church on her way to her own, I knew exactly what time to expect her.

So, I gathered all the chairs in the church and began packing them up; as she came by, I hurriedly requested for her help in transporting a few of them.

At one point as she was helping me, I pulled a knife out of my pocket and told her to keep her voice down. I went in for the attack to get her phone, but she dragged the knife with her.

“She was attempting to flee when she tripped and smacked her head on the floor. Due to her exhaustion, I sexually assaulted her. I stole her phone and asked for the password, but she gave me the wrong one, so when I realized my mistake, I strangled her.

Williams added that Abolaji Alese and Adewale Abolarinwa were apprehended in their respective hideouts by the command’s monitoring team for kidnapping in the state.

He said that two pump-action rifles, three live cartridges, a Mercedes-Benz ML-350 jeep, a Toyota Corolla car used in their crimes, and N2.5 million in cash were taken from the suspects.

At the parade, one of the alleged kidnappers, Afeez Abolaji, revealed that their victims rode in expensive cars and that they had made over N30 million in total from five separate kidnappings.

Additionally, he said, “People should stop unlawful employment; my friend enticed me into it, nobody is seeking money from me in my family, and I recently got married.”

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