BBN S7: Rachel Mentions People She Wants out of Biggie’s House

Rachel BBNaija
Rachel BBNaija

During the Tuesday diary session, roommates confided in Biggie as usual. During her diary session, Rachel shared her emotions with Biggie. She discussed the complexities of her relationship with Adekunle when Biggie asked her what she would do if she had the power of veto.

Rachel expressed her dislike for Adekunle’s emotional shift. He was previously interested in her, and he now appears to be interested in Daniella. According to her, Adekunle was not open with her about his emotions, and as a result, she no longer feels a connection with him.

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Biggie shifted the conversation’s focus to a probable eviction on Sunday and pushed her to make a decision. She chose Hermes and stated, “Although I’m getting closer to him, I don’t think we’re that cool; he’s the one I’m the most distanced from in the house.”

She also mentioned Adekunle, stating, “I am no longer comfortable sharing space with him.”

Her choices didn’t come as a surprise. Her unresolved feelings for Adekunle have given her a subtle dislike for him, and she’s never really liked Hermes.

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