BBNaija 7: Who raised you? – Phyna slams Bella and Sheggz in food fight

Phyna, Sheggz and Bella
Phyna, Sheggz and Bella

Chomzy and Eloswag’s pre-eviction dinner has sparked another violent argument between the roommates.

Now, Phyna and the couple Sheggz and Bella are arguing very loudly in the house.

After Phyna attempted to silence Bella for reliving Monday night’s debate about stealing Chomzy and Eloswag’s food, relations amongst the housemates deteriorated. After Sheggz defended Phyna’s comment regarding Bella’s upbringing, the dispute escalated.

As tensions in the family continue to rise, there are more and more arguments about food. This is made worse by what seems to be a rift in the family.

Last week, Sheggz and Bella grumbled about Phyna, Rachel, and others’ deliberate strategy to starve them. The housemates speculate that their fellow housemates dislike them.

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