BBNaija Season 7: Fans are astonished as Chomzy and Eloswag reunite in bed following a quarrel

BBNaija Eloswag And Chomzy
BBNaija Eloswag And Chomzy

After indulging in a heated argument in the early hours of Thursday, the Level Up housemates Eloswag and Chomzy returned with a stunning reconciliation, much to the shock of fans.

Later, the pair were observed snuggling and dozing together under the covers.

This development, which evidently surprised supporters, has generated various responses on social media.

Remember, Chi Chi, Chomzy, and Eloswag headlined the pool party, which left spectators wanting more.

The roommates enjoyed a wonderful downtime, with the female housemates slaying and twerking in bikinis of various hues.

Eloswag, the first and current Head of House, was deemed the man of the evening since he was frolicking with nearly all of the females with blessed posteriors.


Wait, am I seeing Eloswag and Chomzy napping together? What a life! Open your mouth in the presence of lovers at your own peril! “

I can’t believe it. Chomzy and Eloswag are cuddling after a few minutes of arguing,” @BBgossip wrote on Twitter. “CC @BBNaija # BBnaija # BBNajiaS7.”

“Amaka: Akproko is my career and thank you is my salary. You obviously heard the Eloswag and Bella and Chomzy fight. #BBNaija #BBNajiaS7,” tweeted @Talkactive3.

@Bellastann_ wrote, “This is how we operate here.” Those of you who like the other levels, please leave us alone and quit imposing your agendas on us. “

@LividSun commented, “Bella and Sheggz are claiming that Eloswag is a fine guy and that Chomzy is in his bed with him. Clearly they have resolved the situation, and you two are out here dragging helpless children.” This will teach you to respect your preferences.”

When Adekunle is ready to hammer the nail on the head by blaming Chomzy and Bella for inciting Eloswag, Biggie transports us to the trenches. We are not dummies. We are aware of the politics that they play. “I’m not going to work.”

“Eloswag and Chomzy sleeping in the same bed.. will Phina be heartbroken or is Eloswag playing a game?” tweeted @zenma.

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