Obasanjo rides tricycle, picks passengers in Ogun

On Saturday, several residents of Abeokuta, the state capital of Ogun, were astonished to see former President Olusegun Obasanjo riding and stopping to pick up passengers.
Observers were surprised to see the former president traveling in the vehicle.
Obasanjo rode the tricycle, commonly known as Keke, from the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library through the Kuto Under Bridge, amidst cheers and congratulations from bystanders along the road.
Along the journey, the former president stopped and picked up a male passenger to demonstrate that riding a tricycle was safe if done properly and to encourage individuals to start small and improve their skills.
Obasanjo stated, upon his return to OOPL, that he rode the Keke to demonstrate to the public that there was nothing wrong with riding the Keke and using it for business purposes.
Obasanjo stated that he rode the tricycle to illustrate the transport’s safety.
He stated that his actions were motivated by the erroneous social characterization of all keke drivers as criminals and the propensity of young people to disregard the value of starting small.
He stated that when he recently handed 85 tricycles to young people across the nation, he received criticism that made riding keke appear to be an unsuitable present, while others questioned whether this was the best option for youth.
Obasanjo stated, “There is nothing wrong with beginning modestly as a young person.”
“The keke is safe and secure when handled with professionalism and self-control.”
In fact, you can structure your firm how you see fit and generate income that you can invest elsewhere. And if you obtain a second one, you can donate it to another person. Therefore, you become self-employed and have also hired someone.”
Obasanjo stated that he was committed to the economic empowerment of young people through employment-generating activities. This is how we can combat unemployment in Nigeria more effectively.
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