How Rema’s highly anticipated concert at Carnivore Grounds unfolded

On May 7, 2022, more than seven thousand people gathered at the Carnivore grounds for the 10th anniversary of the Mwanaume Ni Effort ‘MNE FEST’, which was fronted by the Nigerian musician and songwriter Rema.
Enthusiastic partygoers from throughout the nation arrived at the venue prepared to have a good time and interact with their favorite performers.
This was one of the most important concerts of 2022, and large numbers of Kenyans attended.
On Saturday, at approximately 3:00 p.m., the gates opened, allowing partygoers to obtain their preferred viewing locations without difficulty.
The performance began with a group of DJs playing a variety of musical genres to set the mood for the evening.
Among the DJs who performed at the festival were DJ Lordwin, DJ G-Money, and DJ Kace, among others.
Ochungulo family, a Gengetone group, kicked off the round of performances at MNE Fest, assuring their fans that despite being inactive for a year, they are still masters of the game.
The event organizers were able to book Dmore, Benzema, and Nelly the Goon as a group despite their February 2021 announcement that they were going their separate ways. They performed, among other songs, Bandana Ya E-sir, Aluta, Pandemik, Dudu, and Na Iwake.
The other day, Benzema David alias Alejandro attempted to clarify that the Ochungulo family did not disband, but opted for a brief commercial break.
“We did not break up; we simply took a commercial break, but we have been working on a new album that will be released in the next two months (around June), and I hope you will love it,” Benzema stated on behalf of the Ochungulo family.
TheOnlyRosa, a Kenyan singer, was the second performer to take the stage, and she did not disappoint.
The vivacious Rosa entered the stage wearing a swimsuit and fishnet stockings, a look that her two female dancers had already adopted.
She kept the audience engaged with her seductive dance techniques while performing songs such as Ni wewe and Inside, featuring Naiboi.
Legendary Kenyan musicians Wyre and Nazizi have reformed their group ‘Necessary Noize’ to play all the hit songs they released over a decade ago.
During their performance, Wyre and Nazizi brought their audience down memory lane to a time when Kenya was the musical powerhouse of East Africa.
At the show, Necessary Noize performed such classics as Kenya Girl, Kenya Boy, Tension, Fire, and Bless My Room.
They also discussed their latest release, Reality, which will be featured on their next collaborative album, Necessary Noize.
The performance by Wyre and Nazizi opened the path for Wakadinali, one of the largest hip-hop groups in the country at present. The Wakadinali
aka RongRende (SCAR, Domani, and SewerSydaa) began their performance with the Sir Bwoy collaboration, Geri Inengi.
When Wakadinali took the stage, the atmosphere in the crowd changed. The revelers were singing every word of their tunes.
The band performed the majority of their popular tunes.
At precisely 1:17AM, the event’s headliner, Divine Ikuborv aka Rema, appeared on stage, and the crowd went crazy, screaming and shouting with joy.
Rema treated his fans to a live band concert with Kenya’s Tha Movement and Hornsphere, and they loved it. Among his other hit songs, he sang Beamer, Are You There, Soundgasm, and Calm Down.
The 22-year-old singer kept the audience amused, and at one point they were chanting his songs word for word like a choir.
The largest obstacle at the concert
During Rema and Wakadinali’s sets, the performances were interrupted multiple times due to disturbances emerging from the usual side.
Sheila Kwamboka, aka Kwambox, the evening’s emcee, had a difficult time calming down the crowd, which wanted to get closer to the main stage and mingle with their favorite performers.
The push and pull witnessed between the audience and the security guards compelled Rema to allow individuals with regular tickets to join the VIPs.
The maneuver was intended to soothe the audience so that he could continue his performance.
Rema played from 1:17AM to 2:40AM, as he shared the stage alongside surprise acts Patoranking and Kenya’s Karun.
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