Why Davido may perhaps date model Ama Reginald

Davido and Ama Reginald
Davido and Ama Reginald
Davido and model Ama Reginald are rumored to be dating over social media. The news gained momentum when the stunning model posted a photo of her recently acquired Range Rover on Instagram, which many said was made possible by the musician.

Although many replies, from both Davido and Ama Reginald’s camps, have denied the existence of a romantic relationship between the two, recent events indicate otherwise.”

Does Ama hang out with David? Yes! No, Ama has not fucked Davido. No, David did not purchase the Range Rover for Ama. A friend of Ama Reginald was purportedly cited as saying, “Of course, if David purchased that Range Rover, we will give credit to him; what’s to hide?”
Davido purchases land on Banana Island for N2.2 billion to build his “dream home.”

In addition, a renowned blogger known as Gistlover said that the OBO is not dating the model, but rather sleeping with her. Whatever the case may be, If you continue to socialize with her, how can you be sleeping with her without dating her?

A video once circulated on social media of Davido and his team enjoying a boat ride with the model and having a great time.
Davido only attends events if he can make a lot of money or if the occasion is extremely important to him. Nevertheless, he attended Ama Reginald’s 22nd birthday party in January.
On St. Valentine’s Day, Ama Reginald was the envy of all women because her admirer, a mysterious man who had been tugging the golden strings in her life, lavished her with Valentine’s Day gifts that made other ladies squeal with excitement and envy.
The stunningly attractive and seductive model posted on her Instagram profile a bouquet, diamond jewelry, and N30 million in both naira and dollar bills. It was astounding, and the model did not conceal her elation.
It appears that the man of mystery has emerged from the shadows!
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