Comedian Mr Macaroni sets the record straight on wedding images with the phrase ‘Mummy wa’

Debo Adedayo, a.k.a. Mr. Macaroni, a Nigerian comedian, has clarified his prior sharing of wedding-themed images with Kemi Ikuseedun, a.k.a. Mummy Wa. Mr.
Macaroni had shared wedding-themed photos of himself and Mummy Mama, who always played the role of his wife in his skits, on April 23 and 24.
However, the images created confusion among his supporters, who wondered if it was a real wedding or a spoof.
However, the comedian clarified in a tweet on Tuesday, which also happens to be Mr. Macaroni’s birthday, that he was not married to Mummy.
The comedian, who recently celebrated his 29th birthday, remarked this while thanking his followers for their good wishes.
He wrote, “Thank you all for your kind messages. 29 is a pleasant number! I’ll admit it: I’m not married.
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