‘The viral dog TikTok video was created specifically for the cruise,’ the lady responsible explains

Veegodess, the lady who claimed in a viral TikTok video that she slept with a dog for N1.7 million, has responded to critics who suggest she was only “catching cruise.”

You may recall that the woman with the TikTok user ID @Veegodess has been trending on social media following her statement that bestiality was not a big thing.

Contrary to popular belief, she claimed she had never contracted any ailment from sleeping with a dog.

“What is the big deal there? I slept with a dog; I did not murder anyone. You have done worse in your life, and aside from that, have you ever seen N1.7million?

“As if it’s a big deal. And bear in mind that I am not contaminated in any way. “Stop wasting your time on this; I’m enjoying the money,” she declared in the opening paragraph.

However, in the face of outrage from Nigerians condemning her for the deed, the lady recanted.

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