Arsenal handed Champions League opening by Spurs, West Ham & United


With the way the Hammers, Spurs, and Red Devils have been playing recently, Arsenal has put themselves in a fantastic position in terms of the Premier League table and Europe next season.

While the Gunners are even with Tottenham in terms of games played, they are three points ahead after Spurs’ three-game league losing streak. Things are looking even better for West Ham and Manchester United.

Arsenal and Chelsea have three and two games in hand, respectively, and are separated by only two points (two and one). Should things go well, the Gunners may be up by a significant margin over each team by the time they start playing, with meetings against United, the Hammers, and Spurs scheduled for the rest of the season.

A clean sweep of those three teams by this Arsenal team could propel the Gunners to the top of the Premier League at the conclusion of the season, whereas losses to any or all of them would muddle the waters, even if the Gunners still had games and points to play for. The Gunners’ schedule is beneficial, but outcomes, as we’ve seen from those aforementioned sides, have continued to make the situation appear even brighter.

Arsenal requires a place in the Champions League, and their opponents’ failures have allowed them to enter the Premier League.
The other fixtures, which feature back-to-back home trips from Brentford and Wolves, will have to be negotiated until those matches. The first will be a vengeance game for this club and its players following their opening-season loss to that team in their London home, while the second will be a tough game that Wolves will aim to steal following their recent terrible loss to Arsenal.

Arsenal is a tremendous club – both in terms of spirit and in terms of popularity and history – and in order to attract the type of players who reflect that talented and award-winning background, this team must compete at the greatest level possible. That level is the Champions League. While the money and roster dynamics are excellent incentives for entering the competition, it is the significance of the competition to other players around the world that is so important.

Not only does all of that money and roster space make it simpler to buy players, but it also makes it easier to entice players to the club and maintain them for the long haul. More experienced or costly players are expected to be brought in as Arsenal continues to shed older, more expensive players in favor of younger, more skilled players, and increased involvement in the world’s finest competitions would only help that recruitment process.

Will Arsenal necessarily win the competition, as it may in prior European tournaments? No. While they have a chance, the Champions League is always a challenging assignment for any first-year team because there are so many good, experienced, and seasoned teams. The Europa League and Europa Conference League are easier competitions that could help this club gain confidence, but they won’t draw the same kind of players that Arsenal wants to play on their field.

Between all of the contracts they’ve already cleaned out and those about to expire, this summer will be another period of significant expenditure for this squad. There will be money to be thrown around in north London, and the Kroenke family appears to be willing to do so. With the addition of a UCL birth to the mix, it’s hard to envision huge purchases not being enthusiastically approved following such a quick turnaround.

But it’s possible that everything will come to pass. The best chance for Arsenal to qualify for the Champions League next season is for them to finish in the top four in the Premier League this season.

These young men would be placing themselves and their team in the greatest possible position for next season and beyond if they could make that happen – something that the Hammers, Spurs, and Red Devils have all helped with in recent days.

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