I blame myself, skit maker Isbae U responds to the sex-for-roles claims

Adebayo Abidemi, also known as Isbae U, a Nigerian skit maker, has responded to charges that he requested sex from women before including them in his skits.

On Sunday, the renowned Instagram comedian became the subject of conversation after blogs released videos and images of his purported sexual encounters with females.

Isbae U, on the other hand, stated in a series of videos and screenshots that he blamed himself for everything that was happening, and then shared screenshots indicating that the lady behind the claims was blackmailing him.

Additionally, he uploaded screenshots of the lady demanding money from him and threatening to disclose film and photographs of their antics.

He wrote;

“I have seen and I have received every stone thrown at me. I am human and so you are. So I’m not here to blame anyone for what’s happening but myself.”

he further stated that he met the lady, named as Chizoba, years ago and they engaged in sexual intercourse.

He also posted screenshots where the lady was demanding money from him, threatening to disclose the video and images of their escapade.


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