Zazu zeh crooner Portable claims having two sons from different mothers


Habeeb Okikiola, 27-year-old Nigerian artiste from Ogun state came into limelight after legendary singer, Olamide, jumped on his Zazu Zeh track, months ago.


The “Zazu Zeh” singer during a recent interview with Jahbless Original Intelligence, during which he discussed his personal background and meteoric climb to fame. He also stated that he has two boys from two different women

“I have two boys, strong mafians.” He said.

When asked if he had children, the artist said affirmatively and revealed that he has two boys from different mothers. He did not, however, provide any other information concerning their whereabouts.


Further, he added that he has a girlfriend whom he adores and wishes to marry, but she is suddenly “Misbehaving” as a result of his new “glory.”

He claimed that he now has a slew of ladies who have professed their love for him after he rose to prominence.

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