Popular Nigerian Blogger say, “I Broke record and I make people talk, I’m a celebrity” (Video)

Nigerian blogger, Blessing Okoro as of late turned into a matter of discourse after she lied about owning a house which has a place with a China-based businessman.

After her conspicuous untruth, she was hauled by Nigerians for being a consideration searcher, a deceiver and for continually clouting via web-based networking media.

In spite of the kickbacks she got from Nigerians, Blessing has turned out to laud herself.

As per her, it was striking that she broke a record on Nigeria’s media scene by being one of the most discussed individuals.

For this reason. she called herself a ‘celebrity toh bad’. Blessing also slammed the friends who peddled rumours about her when she was ‘under trial’.

Watch her ranting here

Many Nigerians have replied to the blogger in regards to what she claimed to be. They did not like that she could still manage to praise herself in spite of the damage she caused when she lied about owning Onye Eze’s house. They expressed their disgust in several reactions.

: “This girl will just make me hate her… Always talking rubbish”

“Aunty we moved passed you a long time ago. Nobody wants to see your shameless face, your deceitful posts and your fabricated stories. Bye.”

Just a few amidst others.

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Author: Joel