19-Year-Old Boy Sets Ex-Girlfriend On Fire For Ending Their Relationship

A nineteen-year-old boy has set his thirteen-year-old ex-girlfriend on fire for ending their relationship.

The victim is in a battle for her, suffering burns to almost 90 per cent of her body after her 19-year-old ex poured gasoline on her body and set her on fire.

According to Daily Mail UK, Wilson Javier Meléndez Bonilla, 19, entered the girl’s home in the southwestern Puerto Rican town of Cabo Rojo, on Saturday night, to find her asleep on the couch. He then poured gasoline on her body and set her on fire in what has been described as a crime of passion.

The victim’s mother, Nanette Camacho, 34, suffered minor burns to her face and arms when she tried to save her daughter. The girl’s nine-year-old brother was also burned during the attack but his injuries are not life-threatening.

The victim was first taken to a hospital before doctors stabilised her and transferred her to another facility.

Bonilla, who was still at the home when cops arrived to arrest him, has been charged with seven counts, including three attempted murder charges.

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Author: Ashogbon Isaiah