The Apostolic Church Nigeria Centenary Celebration, Ordination Of Apostles And Convention Service 2018 Prophecy (Audio) Included

The Apostolic Church Nigeria, had a Centenary Celebration, Ordination Of Apostles And Convention Service 2018 today at Olorunda Ketu Lagos, where pastors were ordained as apostles and the normal convention also took place,
Order Of Service,

Prophecy by Pas. Olubiyi
Harken unto my voice ye the redeemed of the lord says the lord. By my grace I brought you all to this mountain this year to worship me says the lord. It is my will for you all to rejoice and rejoice and rejoice because by my great power have saved youand save this nation because of you says the lord. You are to rejoice and rejoice and rejoice because of what have done and what I will still do. You have to rejoice because there is a great danger ahead, but I am with you to deliver you ,to save you to protect you and to guide you from those evil, I have seen the great danger of the murderers but I will save you my people the murderer will murder themselves.iam the owner of the nation I own the nation and my name can’t be wiped away from this nation my name will go from one point to the other
I want you all to shout saying I am secured /3* I shall not die that’s why you must rejoice. I have a great work to do in this years centenary celebration and convention says the lord. All your prayers I will answer all your desires will be granted all your sorrow I will I turn to joy says the lord. The only thing I request from you all is be a believer be a grateful man be a Christian in all manners and act and wherever you are to save your soul from the evil coming. I have prepare enough for your need by the prayer you will pray in the services and by th word of the fathe which they will preach to you in this convention all will I uelse to meet the need says the lord. There will be showers of blessing in this centenary celebration and convention services this year. Unseen angels are with you and all your sickness shall be heal and you won’t returne with them says the lord , all the barren and expectant I will deliver them and they will take home their children, I will heal the broken heart and their sorrows will be taken away and they will go home with joy.prepare yourself /2xsanctification yourself because I will pour on you water from heaven because anyone who has come to the celebration I will sanctify you and separate you for my work. Letall servant be prepare because on this munt iwill send them out with sound doctrine and power
Those that want to be ordain to the post of an apostle harken unto my voice says the lord, the office of an apostle is not anoffice of brag,arrogance and pride is an office of great work and grace, is an office of charging and executing, is not office of stealing but practical faithfulness as the lord as establish, be wise to my voice to you though I did not reveal all your secret to the open all I all but my grace is sufficient for you, let them talk to each other as they sit beside themselves saying repent as you are going to the office of an apostle and be faithful toyour lord, if anyone fail such will know am God, I am with you/4x am going to be with you when my servant anoints you says the lord. Take my joy home/3x no more weeping I am coming soon to take you home/3x prepare yourself/3x the end of the world is at hand take my joy home and remain rejoicing I am with you says the lord God of host.

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August Prophecy

List Of Pastors Ordained As Apostles,

Photos from the service.

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