How To Increase Your Bum Size Without Squats

We have all heard and seen a lot about weight loss through exercise, that’s something that is pretty easy to accept. Now, you’re wondering: is this actually possible? It is very possible indeed to increase your bum size with exercise, and not squats for that matter. So, pack away your sceptic’s hat as we discover this new thing together.

In the video above, Youtube Channel, Femniqe, presents a 4-step workout routine that is sure to enhance your backside potential. Besides, not only will it increase your bum size, it will also earn you flatter stomach in the process. 2 for 1 sounds like a good deal to me, wanna try?
Workout Tips

See How To Increase Your Bum Size Without Squats

Do you really want to increase your bum size? Then you better take this serious. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Focus ma’am, you need to find a comfortable area where you can’t easily be distracted.
Ensure that you are adequately hydrated. In other words, drink enough water prior to your workout; but not immediately before please.
Wait a minute, don’t just dive in: warm up for about 5 minutes first to get your body ready.
Know your limit and stick to it; you don’t need to hurt yourself.
Now, you can start the journey to increase your bum size.

To Make this even easier, you may want to invite your friends along. This way, you have accountability partners and it’d be more fun. Above all ladies, remember that with exercise, consistency is key. Oh I know it’s not a walk in the park; but hey, no pain, no gain, right?
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Adapted from greennews.ng.

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Author: Ashytimex