A Definite Cruise Episode Eight (8)

She noticed a gift at her doorstep, and she picked the gift up. She fumbled in the gift basket and marvelled at a beautiful flowers and her favourite chocolate. She also found a note in the gift basket, and she sighed after reading the content of the note.

“It’s from the same person again.”

Why the gifts and surprises? She wondered as she reached hero mobile phone and dialled the mysterious number. After several unsuccessful calling attempts, she decided to send a text message. While she proofread, she mumbled the words she wrote in the message. “Who are you and what do you want from me? Aren’t you tired of your hide and seek game?” Then, she hit the send button. Although she didn’t receive any response, she got another gift after one week.

At work, Veronica’s boss was hostile and sometimes berated her for the way she handled her work. With arms crossed, she slouched in her chair and stared at the window. “What can I do to make my work easier, this is becoming to much for me to bear. Maybe I should think about something else.”

On a Saturday afternoon, she received another gift. Although she had received similar gifts and tossed them into a bin, she decided to read the note in the new gift before taking a decision. Hoping to get an answer to her questions, Veronica read out the note. “I need a friend. Would you please be my friend.”

Veronica shook her head and placed the note on a table. Unable to find a suitable answer all day, she decided to go to her bedroom and sleep.

In bed, she propped a finger on her lip and stared at the ceiling. “Should I consider being his friend, at least it won’t hurt if I try, his advice worked like magic each time I use it. But I’m not sure if I should call him now, he might not pick it up, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow, I need to sleep now.”

She woke up when the alarm of her phone buzzed at 6am. After cleaning herself up in the bathroom, she dressed up for church. She delayed leaving home quickly because of her usual gifts, but she got none this time. With the belief of getting the gift later, she decided to leave for church. When she got back from church she noticed the gift was not present at its usual location. She scrutinized her compound, but could not find anything.

After a barren week of no gift or text messages from the stranger, Veronica became worried.

She leaned on a table and fumbled with her phone. “Was I really harsh, should I have replied, or was there something i didn’t read in the gift notes that he sends, I hope he isn’t in danger.”

She sent a message to the strange number, accepting to be a friend. She became agitated after two days passed and no response to her message.

She wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “I must be stupid to think that I can be friends with someone who has ignored me for weeks, I think I should just give up.”

Then, a beep echoed from her phone. She picked her phone up and checked the message. As she read, she mumbled the words in the message. “I’m so glad. Thank you for accepting to be my friend.” She was excited after reading the message.

Her doorbell rang, and she rushed to the door. When she opened the door, she caught a sight of a man with a package.
“Good day sir.” Veronica smiled.

“Good day madam I’ve a delivery for you ma.”

“Oh thank you. Where do I sign?”

The deliveryman brought out a pen and a notebook. “Right here ma.”

She shut the door after she received the package. She smiled because she had an idea where the gift came from. When she opened the gift, she admired the roses, chocolate, and white teddy bear. Then, her phone rang. She picked it up quickly and answered the anonymous call.

“I hope you liked the gift I sent?” The anonymous caller queried.

“Yh. I did. Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“But why are you doing all this?”

“I told you earlier that I just want to be your friend nothing but a friend.”

“Hmm, just my friend? Okay. You can start by telling me your name.”

“I’m Richard Torallba.”

“Hmm, Richard, I like that name, it seems you know a bit about me so tell me a bit about yourself, and by the way how did you get to know about me, and who told you all you know?”

“Well that will be my little secret for now at the right time all will be revealed and made clear and regarding info about me you know my name already I run a small food business in a truck and I make food deliveries I dnt really know what to tell you about myself but I’m sure that with time you will get to know me better.”

“But wait, why do you have to surround yourself with so much mysteries? Well I will just have to wait and see, I like surprises though.”

After chatting on phone for several hours, she disconnected the call. She was surprised because she spoke to a guy in a relaxed way without a grimace. Veronica slept a happy woman. She woke up the following day with a smile on her face.

She stretched and yawned. “Today’s gonna be a great day, when I get back from work I’ll call Ayo, she needs to hear about my new friend.”

Then, she got a call from the secretary informing her that the CEO was fuming and needs her attention urgently. Veronica shrugged. “What have I done again this time.”
To Be Continued….
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