A Definite Cruise Episode Seven

With a smile on her face, Veronica strolled into Edward’s office. She basked in Edward’s admiring gaze.

Veronica lowered her head. “Good day sir. You asked to see me.”

Edward pointed to the chair. “Oh, yes! Please take a seat. I have gone through the presentation, and it is almost perfect. I made a few corrections, but then I guess I have a capable manager. The corrections are in this flash.”

“Ok. Thank you sir. I will take a look at it.”

“Wait. Can you tell me about yourself? Something different from the content of your resume. I want to know the real Veronica Salvador.”

Veronica rubbed the back of her neck. “Em, I don’t think there is anything you don’t know about me. I’ve been here for many years, I’ve been loyal, and my qualifications are there in my resume. If you would excuse me, I’d like to resume to work now sir.”

“Okay. You may leave.”

On her way to her office, she sighed. “Thank God. At least he didn’t scold me this time around.”

When she got to her office, she sent a message to the guardian angel. “It worked. I smiled and, I got complimented by my boss. Thank you guardian angel. I will follow your guide everyday.”

After she hit the send button, she realized that she had just sent a message to someone — guardian angel — who is unknown. She paced in her office and called the mysterious number, but her call was not answered. After many unsuccessful calling attempts, she received a text message on her mobile phone. Veronica pulled her hair backwards and glanced through the message.

Then, she shrugged. “Why would I accept someone I barely know as a friend. Besides I’m tired, it’s past 4 pm, I need to go home now.”

She picked her bags and few documents, and she left her office. When she got to her car, her phone rang.

Veronica answered the call. “Ayomide. It’s been a long time. How are you doing?”

“Am fine and you?”

“I’m OK. How is frank and the kids?”

“They are fine.”

“Ayo you sound so dull, why?”

“Frank wants a divorce I don’t know what went wrong but for a year now things have changed, he’s no longer the man I married, am trying so hard to save my marriage from crashing, now he wants a divorce.”

“A divorce? What do you mean, what happened, what went wrong?”

“Yes Vero. He wants a divorce, he claims he thought he could change it but his heart belonged to another lady and he can’t keep hurting me, he doesn’t love me he never did, he has always been in love with one girl like that. Oh Vero I dnt knw what to do.”

“Another lady, who is that? But calm down Ayomide, Calm down you have to fight for your marriage, you can’t lose your marriage to a lady you don’t know, fight for your kids and I refuse to believe that he doesn’t love you he does, make him realize that.”

“I don’t know who she is but I know she’s in Nigeria. Can you help me find her?”

“Okay I will try, but you’ll give me information that I can work on.”

Ayomide slurped a drink. “Sure. Thanks girlfriend, I dnt have any info yet but I will bring something out soon. How have you been, hope you have finally given love a chance again.”

“Love? Did u forget what it did to me in the past and how I found myself in the hospital, you remember what the doctor said about my chances of getting pregnant?”

The phone disconnected.

Veronica’s last statement caused Ayomide to stifle a gufaw by spitting her drink all over herself. “Stupid girl, though my plan to kill her failed but am sure that she can’t bear a child again, am sure no man will want her as his wife, now am pleased, what I can do now is sit and watch how miserable she lives the rest of her life without love.”

Veronica’s phone rang again and she received the call. “Hello Ayo, I think it’s the network. I meant everything back then when I said I don’t want a man in my life, I don’t want to experience any heart break again.”

“Don’t worry there will be a man who will marry you and also care less about the fact that you can’t have a child.”

“Ayo let us forget about it and focus yours, make sure you stay strong for your children, please.”

“Hmm Vero, I wish you were here with me.”

“Sincerely I miss you so much. Don’t worry I promise that my next work leave will be spent with my Darling best friend and sister from another mother, and that reminds me, Hope you have told your mum about this?”

“I will be glad if you can come. I told my mum already and she is planning to come for a visit next week.”

“Ok, That’s good.”

“So how is work?”

“Fine ooo…. Our CEO just resumed today and he is kind of strict but thanks to my guardian angel I was able to scale through today.

“Hmm guardian angel? What is it you’re not telling me?”

“Ayo it’s nothing important just someone trying to be my friend.”

“Why not give him a chance?”

Veronica yawned. “I never said the person was a he. See I have to go now, I need to rest I’m really tired and make sure you take good care of yourself, I will talk to you later, okay?”

“Thank you so much talking to you helped a lot, at least I smiled.”

“It’s nothing girlfriend, take care. Love you bye.”

When Veronica got into the car, she noticed…
To Be Continued……
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Author: Ashytimex