A Definite Cruise Episode Six

Veronica spoke to a taxi driver to take her to the hospital. Then, she collapsed in the taxi.

A day later, she screwed her face as she struggled to open her eyes. Her eyes dug into Ayomide. Veronica’s gloomy face fixed Ayomide in a way that Ayomide could not control her emotions.

As Veronica tried to raise her head, a sharp pain speared into her tummy, and she propped her hands on her stomach. She turned to Ayomide and caught a sight of Ayomide’s sympathetic gaze.

Ayomide fumbled for the right words. “Um. Am really sorry Veronica you lost the baby, am sorry.”

“That can’t be true, that can’t happen. My baby! My baby!”

“Vero calm down, am sorry but you have to take it easy you are also in danger.”

“Danger? What do you mean, how can I be in danger?”

“The doctor said that you consumed something poisonous, that the chemical has affected your womb and your chance of carrying a child again is less than 10%, he said that the chemical has created a large hole in your womb, which led to the miscarriage and presently you are bleeding internally and need immediate surgery. I have paid for the surgery but the rest is on your will to live. Please would you fight for me?”

Veronica yelled. “What is there to live for, my only source of joy is gone, my baby is dead. I promised to protect him but I couldn’t, I can’t have a child again. Why should I still be alive?”

“Don’t talk like that, am here for you and I don’t want to lose you, would you stay strong for my sake please?”

“Oh, Ayo! What have I done to deserve this? First it was Jacob now my child.”

“Jacob? What do you mean?”

Veronica screamed. “Jacob is dead! I saw him in cold blood.”

“What? You saw him? How? Where? What happened?”

After Veronica narrated her experience with Jacob, she passed out. She was rushed to the theatre after Ayomide called the attention of nurses in the hospital. Veronica’s condition dominated Ayomide’s mind as Ayomide paced at the hospital’s reception.

Many years passed, and Veronica put her past behind her. She received a gift when she was at work. She unwrapped the gift and discovered it contained her favourite meal and a note. She glanced through the note and raised her eyebrows when she read the last sentence.

She blinked repeatedly. “Guardian angel? How did this so called guardian angel know I skipped breakfast and how did he get to know my favourite meal for breakfast?”

She peeked at the note and the meal, but could not envisage who understood her that much.

She slouched in her chair and pondered. “My best friend Ayomide who knows me well has moved to London with her husband and her kid, and she hasn’t informed me she’s back.”

The aroma of the food in the basket whet her appetite. She luxuriated in her chair and devoured everything in sight. After completing her meal, she relaxed for 10 minutes, and her telephone rang. Veronica answered the call and the voice of her boss echoed. She was summoned to his office. Could she have done something wrong? She wondered as she stood up to leave her office. Then, she received a text message on her mobile phone.

After reading the message, Veronica crossed her arms. “Guardian angel again, who could this be? I think I’ll find out later but for now I need to see my boss, he needs me.”

She ambled out of her office. On her way to meet her boss, she visualized the text message she received in her office, and she smiled…
To Be Continued…
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Author: Ashytimex