A Definite Cruise Episode Five

She woke up and realised that she was late for work.. It was almost eight and she wasn’t ready for work.. She rushed into the bathroom took her bath and got ready for work.. She was very hungry but she couldn’t wait for breakfast.. She was going to get coffee and Cake on her way.. There is a cafe close to her work place and they sold her favourite cake.. So she always went there when she couldn’t make breakfast for herself..she hurried into her car drove off for work..she got into the cafe she placed her order, paid and dashed out of the cafe so she would make it in time…. She got to work just in time..
Deborah: good morning ma..
Veronica: good morning dear, is he here?
Deborah: who?
Veronica: the boss.. He is supposed to take his seat today and I am in charge of welcoming him..
Deborah: not yet ma, but you have a delivery ma..
Veronica: a delivery?
Deborah: yes ma, its in your office ma.. I placed it on your table..
Veronica: what could that be? Are you sure it’s not for the company?
Deborah: no ma, it was addressed to you ma..
Veronica: okay thanks you can get back to work.. Get me the file for eagle’s company.. Let me work on the presentation..
Deborah: okay ma..
Veronica:( turns to leave) by the way when are we scheduled to meet them?
Deborah: in three days time ma..
Veronica: that soon? I thought we still had a week what happened..
CEO: I changed the date I hope you can meet up..
Veronica: ( turns) Good morning sir, how may I help you?
CEO:oh! Am sorry, my name is Edward Collins the new CEO of Collins Enterprise..
Veronica: Am so sorry sir, I mean Good morning sir.. My name is Veronica Salvador.. The managing director sir..
Edward: have heard a lot about you.. I hope you are as good as they say..
Veronica: I will try my best sir… You are welcome sir…
Edward: I will like to meet every member of in company in 5mins.. Do u think you can arrange that?
Veronica: yes Sir I can…. Welcome sir.. This way to your office sir( leads him to his office)
Veronica returns to Deborah and asked her to arrange for every staff to meet in the conference room… There was a short meeting where all staffs were introduced to Edward and some rules were set..he gave a little speech.. Encouraged them.. Thanked them for the progress the company has made and hoped they can intensify their efforts to make the company one of the best… Few business ideas were discussed before everyone was dismissed…
Veto returned to her office and worked on the presentation.. Now more than ever she needed to work harder because she needed to impress her boss..it took her four hours to work on the presentation.. She just hoped he approved it…she decided to go present it to her boss.. She knocked and heard him asking her to come in..
Veronica: good afternoon sir, I just wanted to show you what I prepared for the meeting with the eagle’s.. It needs your approval before any other move is made..
Edward: drop the file I will work on it later
Veronica: sir I would appreciate if you could go over it now since I have limited time so I can work on the corrections in time..
Edward: are you giving me orders?
Veronica: no sir I just thought that…
Edward:( cuts her sentence) I didn’t think so.. You are excused.. I would check on it when am done..
Veronica: am sorry Sir.. (She left for her office)
What have I done wrong she thought.. She was exhausted from the presentation preparation and the attitude she hot from her boss.. Just then she remembered her delivery.. She dragged the basket close to her.. Picked the card addressed to her she opened it…” Just thought you might need this.. Have a great day at work” it didn’t say who it was from.. She unwrapped the basket and was surprised by what she saw…..

When she got to Jacob apartment she met the door opened.. She went straight in.. Jacob she yelled.. I need to talk to you… Come out will you.. She went into his room and behold it was Jacob corpse staring at her in the face.. She was shaking already.. Could it be that it was his ghost I saw? She asked herself.. Jacob she went close… She couldn’t believe her eyes.. Then she saw a box.. He held it so close like he was protecting it.. She picked it up.. Ran as fast as her legs could carry her…. She drove home with tears in her eyes… She was trembling.. She got home and realised she was still holding on to the box she picked in his apartment… She wondered why she picked up the stupid box… She ran straight to her room threw the box into a corner.. Picked up her phone to call ayomide but it wasn’t connecting she was so scared.. She locked all doors she could still see the corpse.. Who could have murdered him.?? How can hoe die just like that? Just then she felt pangs of pain in her stomach… It was getting worse.. She needed to go to the hospital.. What going on.. She dragged herself to her car.. Started the car but it won’t start.. She got out of the car.. I need to save my baby… With that will she had strength.. She found a cab.. Got in and….
To Be Continued….

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Author: Ashytimex