A Definite Cruise Episode Four

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty.” Ayomide whispered.

Veronica yawned. “Is it morning already?”

“Of course and breakfast is ready, so get up and come have your breakfast honey.”

“Thank you so much what would I have done without you.”

“Come on girl it’s noin, hope you slept well and hope you did not bother about what happened yesterday?”

“I slept like a baby with no worries and why should I be bothered, all I can think of right now is this bundle of joy growing inside me, I can’t wait to have him on my arms.”

“That’s my girl so get up okay and that reminds me I will be travelling for three days I want to go visit Frank I miss him and I feel that I should just spend few days with him, can I go?”

“Why not, how can I say no to that, although I’m going to miss you a lot but then I’m sure Frank misses you more than I do. What did you cook?”

“Get out of bed first, then you will find out what I prepared for breakfast and make it fast I won’t have you starving my baby.”

Veronica bit her lips and lowered her head. “Okay ma.”

Notifying Veronica of a new message, a beep echoed from her mobile phone. She picked up her phone and read the message. The message content was blank and from a strange number, so she deleted the message. Then, she became agitated when she received the blank message, from the same number, again. She called the number, but it was not reachable. Veronica discussed her text message ordeal with Ayomide.

Ayomide propped her hands on Veronica’s shoulders. “Don’t worry about it, it might just be a friend playing pranks on you. I may have to leave now.”

No sooner had Ayomide left the house than Veronica dressed up. Then, she went to her favourite restaurant for launch. When she got to the restaurant, she took a seat, and placed an order. The restaurant brought memories of her recent encounter with Jacob. Suddenly, a rumbling burp overpowered the pop music played at the restaurant. Veronica turned around and noticed Jacob. His eyelids were swollen, and his face was red.

Veronica mumbled. “He looks very sad but why isn’t he coming this time, at least he did so the last time at the supermarket. Why won’t he come over?”

Veronica’s meal was served. She crossed her legs as she ate her food. When she ate halfway, she turned her face backward and caught a glimpse of Jacob sobbing. Veronica balanced on the edge of her seat and tried to control her emotions. Then, she got up to reach Jacob, but he was gone. Where could he be? She wondered as she returned to her seat. She paid for her meal, got into the car, and drove to Jacob’s house.

Meanwhile, with a gaping mouth, David remained motionless after he was slapped. He strolled to his table and flopped down in a chair. His friends were dumbfounded.

David crossed his arms. “Mike. Did you see what just happened?”

“Sure. I did. That bitch lacks manners. How the hell did she get all her damn qualifications.”

Edward gawked at Mike. “what qualifications?”

“The bitch that just walked out is the manager of David’s company, and he wanted to commend her for her good records. Then he got a slap. Wow! That was hilarious.”

David tossed his pen at the wall. “Stop it Mike, or I will punch you in the face. But something is weird about her. At work all I hear about her are good comments and nothing but praises, but, on the other side, she is rude.”

Edward turned to David. “So what are you going to do about her?”

Mike harrumphed. “I suggest you fire her.”

“No, Mike. That is harsh. I will observe her for some time.”

“Don’t tell me you like her?”

“There is something about her. I just can’t explain it right now. Maybe, I need to get close to her, and I think I will need your help, Edward.”

“my help?”

“Yes. Man.”

Mike stuttered. “Buh what about your resumption as the CEO? Are you going to hide from her?

“Mike. That will have to wait. I need to know everything about this girl. I can’t really explain it, but I want to know her better.”

“You are kidding right? You can’t be serious. Man where’s all this coming from? That bitch isn’t worth it bro.”

“Mike. Let me be the judge of that.”

To br continued……
Edited By Yustrup.

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Author: Ashytimex