A Definite Cruise Episode Three

She did not expect to see him. She never wished to cross his path. Jacob tried to stop her when she walked by, but she screwed her face into a grimace.

“Veronica please give me a chance to explain. It’s not what you think I really want you to understand that…”

She interrupted with a dismissive hand gesture and swaggered to the counter to pay for the items she picked. As she strolled to the exit, Jacob pursued her. “You have to listen to me. She made it up you need to give me a chance to explain. Veronica you’re in the dark please listen to me.”

She ignored him and departed. When she got home, she slumped into the couch, curled her lip, and stared at the ceiling. “What nonsense! Thank God he didn’t notice my baby bump. Ayo are you home?”

Ayomide screamed. “Yes honey am in the kitchen. I will be out in a minute, hope you got all that we need?”

“Yes I did. Guess who I saw today?”

Ayomide approached Veronica. “Who, who was it you said you saw?”

“Jacob. I saw Jacob today.”

“What! Where? How? What happened? Did he hurt you?”

“Calm down I’m fine he didn’t hurt me I saw him at the supermarket. He just tried talking to me. I gave him no audience though he kept running after me and telling me that it was all a lie but then…”

“Then what? Are you telling me that you are thinking that there could be any form of truth in what he was ranting about?? Vero use your head that guy is a scumbag don’t let him get close to you.”

“I know I just wish it were true I’m so tired I need to go and rest now.”

“Okay that is a good idea. Take your bath first okay? And promise me you would not think about your encounter today, Promise?”

“Yeah. I promise. Thanks girl, what would I have done without you, I really appreciate your kind words.”

“You don’t have to thank me just be fine that will make me happy. Love you girlfriend.”

Veronica whispered. ” I love you too.”

Meanwhile, Jacob was bewildered because he did not get enough time to speak to Veronica. He could not go home, so he went to a restaurant and occupied a seat. He slouched in the restaurant booth, picked up his phone, and called Veronica.

A lady answered. “Hello what do you want this time.”

“You have to tell her the truth I don’t want this anymore you have to tell her the truth I love Veronica and I want her back.”

“Mr lover boy, do you think I will be so stupid to ruin my plans and tell her the truth. No I won’t rest until am sure she’s sad for the rest of her life, she thinks she can get everything she wants not when am alive I will make sure I take away everything that makes her happy.”

“You can’t do this I cursed the day you came into our lives and the day you got me trapped. I will do all my best to stop you.”

“Don’t try to play smart dummy, I have your lives in my hands and if what happened today repeats itself then you will lose your life and your entire family.”

“Don’t you dare try to hurt my family. You can kill me I don’t care but I will fight you with the last drop of my blood to save my loved ones.”

The lady harrumphed. “Are you threatening me. I will ask for your mother to be killed, or have you forgotten so soon that I have them with me? Don’t test my patience. Fool!”

“You can’t…Hello, hello, hello!”

The lady hung up.

Jacob bit his lip and lowered his head. “Oh my God! What have I gotten myself into, what do I do? I have to find a way to make veronica know that she dines and wines with a devil, but how?”

Veronica was not aware her mobile phone had rung. From the bathroom, she plodded to the bed. Then, she remembered Jacob. Could she really be in the dark? She wondered as she reminisced on her meeting with Jacob at the restaurant many months ago.

“He didn’t defend himself, he didn’t deny the accusations. But he must be stupid to think he can take me for a fool the second time.”

Tears dropped from Veronica’s eyes as she caressed her tummy. “I’ll make sure he never gets close to you and I will make sure I protect you, my unborn child, with my life.”

She closed her eyes and slept off.
To be Continued…..
Edited By Yustrup.

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Author: Ashytimex