The Apostolic Church 2018 Prophesies (Audio) Included

The Apostolic Church Nigeria, conducted it’s New Year service on the 1st of January 2018, as it’s usual conduct the service took place at the National Temple at Olorunda Ketu Lagos Nigeria, and the new Year motto was announced after the last prophesy , the prophesy is as follows, to download the audio of the three prophesy you go to the end of this post,

First Prophesy By Pastor J.O. Olayemi
*new year first prophetical message*
*by pastor J O Olayemi*
hearken unto my voice ye my redeemed, saith the Lord. I am welcoming you know the new land, I am welcoming you into my presence saith the Lord. This is my mountain which I have given to your Ford fathers many years ago and I am still a faithful to you all saith the Lord. I also commend you, you the pillars in council for preserving this mount till this day saith the Lord. I have been here waiting for you as you are matching this land, I declare, tour sorrow, your pains and your agonies shall be no more. This scroll, the aggressive that the fire of the Holy Spirit is here, this is the mountain of the Lord your God. All the broken hearted shall be converted on this Mount saith the Lord. There shall be no carry over of problem, it is the land you have not trend before, therefore the nature of this land is demanding for those who will serve me in spirit. Those who will serve me in truth, those who will serve me in holiness and righteousness, because my light in the year will not abode sin on this year especially those who are using the honor I bestowed upon them for propagation of the gospel for sin shall be ridicule and they shall be exposed saith the Lord. Let today be a turning point unto me and a day of redemption saith the Lord. Unto you my servant the captain of the host of ISREAL in lawna territory saith the Lord. Fear not to execute my revelation that I shown unto you to move this vision forward in the line of holiness. You and your cabinets and all the council member in their categories let them support anew the work of evangelism in this year saith the Lord. Let them support home mission not only for the north but equally for the west, South and east. Let them support child evangelism unit (CEU) for the tomorrow of the vision. Let the crusade as it can be approved by NEC be supported and be staged in the city of UYO for an important purpose saith the Lord. As it will be led by the nation evangelical and to be supposed by the WITNESSES AND THE TACSFONITE saith the Lord. The unity of this country, the unit of Nigeria have been committed to the ministry of The Apostolic Church saith the Lord, because I can see the gathering together in this stage protest with banner. I can see confusion in the city of the government and disagreement which can lead to Cain arising again Abel with blood shed in the nation. Therefore, let my church arise unto prayer, tuning prayer to your daily bread and to your daily water. By the nature of this year, by the nature of this year, let my people make my church their spiritual abode and let tithe be obligatory nature for all the my redeemed saith the Lord, by taking to these my instruction you all will be able to overcome the spirit of supplying the office and the spirit and even the most of the salary earners and you will be free from suspension in your work saith the Lord, let there be a day early this year that all my people will gathered in their metropolitan worship temple or in their area headquarters that may be convenient for them, on that day, prepare to sow seed, come with your seed with weath all my servant will bless you it is a covenant day and year of harvest saith the Lord. As you sow, so you will reap this year and let all the seeds be forwarded to the lawna headquarters as a special assignment given to the lawna chairman saith the Lord. As you sow, so you will reap in the land, it is a year of harvest saith the Lord. I will continue with you, you will hear more, you will receive the word of motto and it shall be your consolation. I will equally continue with you in your various assembly, district, area and lawna territory, I will not leave you Father less, I am a good shepherd and the year shall be a year of testimony to you all saith the Lord God of the Host.

Second Prophesy By Pastor N.O. Awojide

Ye the children of the Lord, peace, peace, peace, peace be unto you saith the Lord. I have gathered you this day according to my promise saith the Lord. Can you know that I have done you good on the previous year? I have done you done you good to hear your cry into me to enable you to achieved victories in the year, in that year, your cry unto me have delivered your country from peril, you may be asking me what of those calamities, evil occurrences that happened in the year? It is my will to let you know that those experience of that year are minor to what that had happened. I am repeating what I told you last year that the glorious vision of The Apostolic Church Nigeria, the stating of this country have been under your possession and I repeating it this year saith the Lord. This is another year of new experience, through your prayers for this country, I can only prove that I am the Lord and the saviour of this country. The leaders on government are in confusion, they don’t know what to do because they are at the junction of confusion. It is my intervention that the leaders can achieved only little, therefore my people, you need to pray to call upon me to meet the house at my own time, David, David, David in the field who will deliver this country. Let Let me tell you till the time, vanity, vanity will be pursuing vanity. I can see the plan if Sennacherib to wage war unto my ISREAL, therefore, my people, be relieve, rise up like Hezekiah of old to cry upon me, has I have given you a day for prayer for this country, so you will do saith the Lord, it is my will that the book of Isaiah chapter 37:20&33 should be the theme and the verse to use to cry upon me on that day. It is my will that scattering children of Zion should come back home, children of Zion, children of Zion, children of Zion come back home saith the Lord. It is my will that all the programme for witnesses people and youth this year should be the topic “CHILDREN OF ZION, COME BACK HOME”. This is my will for my church, and this is my will for my children that have scattered saith the Lord. It is my will also that revival of worship and praises to be encouraged and established anew in metropolitan, area headquarters, district and leaders will organise it. I want to use it to bring back in mass many young people that have gone away. It is my will that my servant lawna territorial chairman that your respond during the interaction session should be implemented, I mean those that are not contradict to the doctrine of the church. To you my servant national president and the vice president and the national executive council, I am giving you a new name today because today’s gathering is unique to display the oneness of this country. Therefore, brethren the new name given to you is FATHER OF UNITY. and to the national executive council, your new name is ambassador of unity. It is my will that the unity of my church in this country to be known through out the nation where the name of The Apostolic Church is mentioning. let there be Sanctity in my church, I said it last year, let there be sanctity. In lawna Sectariat I have started the cleansing and let it continues, let there be sanctity. To you olorundaketu area, hearken unto my voice. That church doesn’t belong to anybody, why am I seeing amidst the elders that are saying, it is our church, we are the authority, you are saying this for perdition, therefore, I am claiming back it is mine saith the Lord. Let the personal arena and chairs in my church to be removed saith the Lord. My servant the lawna territorial chairman handle this with seriousness saith the Lord. To you the lawna territorial chairman again, hearken unto my voice saith the Lord, you are in that service according to my will, do not exitate to do those things that I have directed you to do, do not fear to pull down the tables and the chairs of unrighteousness and corruption, beware, beware, beware, do not cover sin, do not cover sin, do not cover sin because I can not but reveal the secret of the evil doers. To you my people this is a year of favour for you as this year, suffering, Hunger will be in the year but I will open the door of favour to you. Criminality in the year will be sincere and many. both day and night, people will be missing and people will become a Trader to be selling human for evil doers. To kill by political group will increase this year. Fighting, war, religious fight and political shall continues. To you civil servant, beware in this year and be separated from things that are contradict to the law. Many will be accuse for suspension but for you my people, this is my will, it is a year of favour. I will open doors of favour for you my people. For you the sincerity once in tithe this year is a year of your reward, I will compensiate you. I will favour you, where people seems there is no way, I will open door of favour for you my people. Say this to your neighbour, welcome to the year of favour. Take this to your home and declare, welcome to the year of favour. Leaders of the family declare to the family, welcome to the year of favour. Whether your enemy like it or not, I will favour you, I will favour you, I will favour you. Thus saith the Lord God of the Host.

Third Prophesy And Motto Prophecy By Pastor J.O. Olabiyi
Hearken unto my voice ye the redeemed of the Lord saith the Lord. It is my delight to see you before me again this year saith the Lord. As you are waiting to receive from me for the year, I am happy for your delight saith the Lord. All those things that you have heard since you have been in the service are from me saith the Lord. The year that you entered is a great year saith the Lord. The year are full of many great incidents saith the Lord. The year are full of remarkable things saith the Lord. The year needs you to move closer to me saith the Lord. It is a year you are to work very close with me because of the evils I’m the year. It is a year your song must be nearer to their God. Your enemy, my enemy we be monitoring everyone for offence saith the Lord.
It is a year you need to sacrifice yourself to me saith the Lord. Your past unrighteousness I have removed, and I have forgiven your, therefore do not give room for Satan to surfer you anymore and by my grace you are saved, by my grace you are delivered by my grace I have pulled down Satan before you saith the Lord.
In the year you entered, anyone who course you, I will course saith the Lord. Because of my favour as you have heard I am ready to fight your battle saith the Lord o have put on you, garment of favour and where ever you go, you will be favour saith the Lord. The year is a year of mercy and I will have mercy on you all. The year is a year of prayer, you have to pray, you have to pray because the evils that the enemy have planed for the year are too great saith the Lord.
It’s a year for the unbelievers will be weeping, crying because there shall be heavy fire disaster more than what you have been seeing saith the Lord. You will hear from many countries people will die by the flood without any helper saith the Lord. Listen, many people will say are we in the time of Noah again? But for you my people, I will deliver you and I will save you saith the Lord. There will be marketing open for selling human like a goat in the market saith the Lord. I have seen evil gathering where they will covenant themselves for the preparation of fighting against themselves for the government saith the Lord. Hear this, all the preparation for taking up another government I will reveal because of my people to do new thing in the nation saith the Lord. All nations belongs to me, they are my hand work, I made them, o created them saith the Lord. And because of you my people, I will not permit the Satan to do according to His will I’m the nation saith the Lord. I am in the nation and you are on the nation, you are mine and I am your God, don’t be afraid, I am with you, I will not leave you alone saith the Lord. I have seen the hand of Satan have been hired to come and fight the nation but I will turn it back to the sender, back to the sender, back to the sender this is the work I give to you saith the Lord. Psalms 118 will be your chorus “I will not die” you will not die, your husband will not die, your wife will not die, your children will not die, say it to your neighbour, you will not die but live to see the Wonders of the Lord in the nation saith the Lord. My gospel shall be declared accordingly in the year saith the Lord. Let the servant that are going to propagate the gospel in the land, my servant warn them, warn them let them Renee their covenant before me, the one I have given them for them to be giving them, great things are going to be done in the year, and I will feed you to your satisfaction and no more suffering for you in the year because I have purchased you with my blood saith the Lord. Let there be warning for those deaconess that are gathering for evil o am the head of my church, let them put an end to it or else, they will pray and I will not answer saith the Lord. Let there be a Saturday for them and let there be no excuse from anyone even if any one is seek, let her be brought before me or else I will fight with them and let the area council join them and pray for them, after this if there is any evil gathering again now they will know that I am that is I am, I owns my church saith the Lord. If they repent, I will have mercy on them and give them them room to eat the fruit of their labour. I will deliver you from the great evil in the year, yes, I saved you, yes I delivered you, no more suffering. With my great salvation I will save you I am your salvation to save you. I will give you the motto for the year. As you shout, u will see my present as you have heard from my savant saith the Lord. THIS IS THE MOTTO “SAVE US OH GOD OF OUR SALVATION” save us oh God of our salvation, save God oh God of our salvation. I will save you and it shall be well with you. I will save you from the enemy of your family, I will save you where ever you go from the enemy with their arrow, I will save you, I will save you saith the Lord Continue shouting it, as you continue shouting it where ever you are I will save you saith the Lord. *SAVE US OH GOD OF OUR SALVATION.* 1chronicles 16:35. I am going with you, I will be all and in all for you in the year, at the end of the year you will rejoice and rejoice and your joy shall be full saith the Lord God of the host.
*pastor J. A OLABIYI*

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First Prophesy audio;

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Second Prophesy audio;

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Motto Prophecy Audio;

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