Helen Paul-My Job Has Me Lose A Lot Of Friends

The Comedian, Helen Paul, revealed that she has lost quite few number of her close friends because of the profession she is into, especially those that she disappointed when they invited her to perform at their events free of charge. She made the assertion in a recent chat with ‘Saturday Beats’ adding that her attempts to make peace with them afterwards often failed.

She said, “When people misunderstand me, I feel bad but I have learnt to play with myself. Fame has made me lose a lot of friends especially those that want you to anchor weddings for free. Once you decline their request, they stop talking to you and even when I beg them, they don’t answer me”.

She said that her husband was her biggest pillar of support as he was always trying to help her improve her craft as he paid attention to evry little detail. “There was a time he got me one terabyte of performances of different women like Queen Latifah, Whoopi Goldberg, Funke Akindele, Toyin Aihmakhu. He would tell me to understudy them because they are powerful; he would be quick to add that I am also powerful but that there are places I would need to work on. My husband is the best critic ever,” she gushed.
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