Neymar Reveales Interest In Real Madrid Marcelo

The Barcelona Catalan Forward, Neymar has revealed that he would love to have Real Madrid defender, Marcelo in the current Barcelona side.

Despite the difference and him playing for a rival club, Neymar chose to select his fellow brazilian, Marcelo to join him at the Catalan club when asked who he thought join him from Real Madrid.

The forward said: “[Someone] to play with me at Barcelona? I would pick Marcelo. Because he is my friend.”

The Interviewer then asked the obvious question: “Not even Cristiano [Ronaldo]?” As to which Neymar replied with: “No I’d pick Marcelo,” with a big smile on his face

Barcelona are currently chasing after real madrid who are currently on the 1st position with Barcelona as 2nd with a difference of six(6) points.
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