Clothes You Didn’t Know Were Bad For Your Va Gina Health

Your va gina is a powerhouse. It can clean itself so you don’t have to do it, it can accommodate a newborn baby passing through, and it knows how to prepare itself for potential s3xy times because it’s just that smart. But it’s also incredibly high maintenance and will turn on you the second you start mistreating it. Poor personal hygiene? Irritating soaps? The va gina basically does the va ginal equivalent of saying, “NO NO NO” and will become itchy, swell, or emit weird smells and funky coloured discharge.

The most common type of funky discharge comes in the form of a yeast infection, which most of us with va ginas will experience at least once in our lives, if not several times. Unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to get a yeast infection isn’t from unnecessary douching, constant pantyliner wear, or a lack of cleanliness. One of the easiest ways to trigger a yeast infection, irritation, or other bacterial infections, is from the clothes you wear.

Before you consider joining a nudist colony to avoid va ginal despair, educate yourself on these six clothes you didn’t know were bad for your va gina. Some of them are near impossible to give up, but knowledge is power.

Coloured Underwear: Okay, there aren’t many sources for this claim, but for people with incredibly sensitive skin, fabric dye can cause irritation. So underwear may cause problems down south for some. If you’re paranoid, it wouldn’t hurt to rock white underwear more often than not, but don’t stress unless your va gina is going haywire and you’ve done everything you could to solve the problem except for throwing out your favorite pair of black undies.

Wet Swimsuits: Your swimsuit is probably made of nylon, which isn’t breathable, but it’s better than swimming in cotton! Still, make sure you don’t hang out in a wet bathing suit for too long. That’s a whole lot of moisture around your va gina, just sitting there…if you’re prone to yeast infections, this can be a recipe for vaginal disaster. Just take the extra step to change ASAP.

Non-Cotton Underwear: Your va gina likes cotton because it’s a breathable material, meaning that your va gina won’t get so overheated and gather moisture, which can trigger yeast infections. Satin, silk, polyester, nylon…these materials are bad for your va gina’s fragile ecosystem. Even if the inside crotch of those silky smooth undies are cotton, if the rest of the material isn’t, your va gina is still vulnerable. Still, if you’re a lingerie nut, that’s better than nothing.

Thongs: Struggling with a UTI? A va ginal infection? You might have to blame your thong. Thongs are so tight and fit so snugly against the body. They also come in close contact with your butt crack, making them a great exporter of trace fecal mater and anal bacteria to your va ginal area. Not only that, their structure can cause some serious irritation to the tissues down there. I’m not saying you have to throw out your thongs, just be on the lookout. If you’re prone to infections or notice something funky going on, switch things up. If your outfit doesn’t require hidden pantylines, skip the thong and wear normal undies. Otherwise, try to make sure your thong isn’t too tight and don’t leave it on longer than you need to.

Your Regular Old Cotton Undies If You Wear Them Too Long: I know, I started this off by saying that cotton undies are your best bet for a healthy va gina. But you know what’s even better? Not wearing anything down there! You don’t have to spend all day going commando, but try getting into the habit of taking off your undies when you come home and stop sleeping in your underwear. Let your va gina breathe!

Tight Pants: Sigh, yeah, so…those skinny jeans you love so much aren’t all that great for your va gina’s peace and harmony. Neither are your leggings or your tights or anything tight, period. Are we going to stop wearing tight clothes? hell no! But give your va gina a break every now and then and rock looser fitting clothes, especially if you’re experiencing va ginal i

rritation or odour.

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