Nigeria tie: Coach for Algeria to be unveiled

According to, the Algerian FA boss spoke with a national television late on Wednesday that the players should not be blamed for the exit of their former coach, Milovan Rajevac.

His words: “From today, we started to prepare the succession of Rajevac. We will do our best to get a coach immediately in order to take charge during the Nigeria match. That is our goal, then we do not know what will happen. Many coaches want to come but we will bring a high level coach for Nigeria match “

The President of the Algerian Football Federation, Mohamed Raouraoua has said that the federation would unveil its new coach before the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers against Nigeria on November 12.

“We received many inquiries and CV. People want to work with us. The coast of the national team has increased lately which justifies the wish of many coaches to come. We have set up a committee that will be responsible for the recruitment of the new coach. It will choose the future coach according to several criteria,” said Raouraoua.

Since the departure of Milovan Rajevac, the FA chief said over 15 coaches have so far applied for the job.

On whether the players should be blamed for the exit of the coach, Raouraoua said: “Players are not responsible for the departure of Coach Milovan Rajevac. There was a communication problem that is why he decided to leave. I wonder why they accuse the players. What happened in Tchaker happens in all teams.”

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