Do Not Let Other People Block Your Goal With Their Own Perspective

“Do Not Let Other People Block Your Goal With Their Own Perspective”.
“BLOCK” meaning obstructing you or deceiving you or disturbing people, blocking you can mean so many things in all perspective,People can block you by giving you wrong advice on what you want to do.
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“GOAL” which mean your aim, your ambition, what you are planning to attain.Most people do not want you to reach your goal so in other to block or stop you by not fighting with you or making it look like they hate you or are causing trouble, they come in as friends and they would give you the wrong advice in the pretense of helping you and they make you lose focus of make you do the wrong thing.In some instances it might be a friend that might discourage you from what your goal you are wanting to achieve, for example you tell that friend you want to buy a new car next week but your friend being jealous and not wanting to show it may try blocking the goal by telling you that don’t you think next week is too soon and don’t you know what people would be thinking and make you lose focus of your goal because if you are not fully prepared for what you are chasing you would be lead astray and you will not be able to achieve that goal at that estimated time you had planned before.

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If you have a goal you are chasing make your faith and belief strong so as not to get shaken by people who do not want you to achieve your goal, but it is always advisable to get good information about what you are aiming for and tell some selected people about it and inquire about it. No matter how selected the people are, there would still be some of the people who would still try to discourage and block you from achieving the goal you have set down, though sometimes people’s advice about letting go of some things are right because they might have seen the implication and consequences of what you are aiming for that is why you must be certain of what and where you are aiming at and chasing your goal towards.
Do not waver, chase and attain your Goal until the very end and do not back down.
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