Arrested 46 Year Old Man In Lagos Hid Cocaine In A Nus

The Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have arrested a 46-year-old man, Innocent Anazodo at the the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos for allegedly inserting wraps of cocaines into his anus on his way to Italy.

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The agency in a statement on Sunday said it also arrested Samuel Agwu, 31, who concealed wraps of narcotics in the collar of his jacket on his way from Brazil.

“Anazodo Innocent was found with seven pellets of cocaine weighing 375 grammes inserted in his anus while Agwu Samuel had ten pellets of cocaine weighing 110 grammes concealed inside his jacket,” said Ahmadu Garba, NDLEA Commander at the Lagos airport.

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“The two arrests were made during the routine check on passengers.

“Agwu was nabbed during inward screening of passengers on a South Africa Airline flight from Brazil through Johannesburg. The second suspect, Anazodo was caught during screening of passengers on a Royal Air Maroc flight while going to Milan, Italy.”

The NDLEA said Mr. Agwu “confidently” wore the jacket containing cocaine after he disembarked from the aircraft on his way from Sao Paulo.

“This is the first discovery of cocaine inside the collar of a jacket by the NDLEA. The suspects have owned up to the crime and are cooperating with investigators,” said Mr. Garba.

Mr. Agwu, who sells shoes in Togo, said he went to Brazil in search of greener pastures but resorted to drug trafficking due to frustration.

He said: “I use to sell shoes in Togo until I lost goods worth N3 million. This negatively affected my business and made me to travel to Brazil in a desperate search for greener pastures.

“After a fruitless search for job in Brazil for four months, I decided to smuggle drugs to get some money to start my shoe business. I thought the drugs will not be detected inside my jacket but I was caught and I am very sad.”

Mr. Anazodo, who is also a trader selling shoes, said in his statement he regretted getting involved in drug trafficking adding that it was a mistake.

“I made a mistake and I am regretting my action,” Mr. Anazodo said, according to the NDLEA.

“It is true that I had financial challenge but I should not have smuggled cocaine,” said Mr. Anazodo.

The NDLEA said the suspects will be charged to court very soon.
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