Strength Doesn’t Come From Anger it Comes From The Heart

“STRENGTH” According to the cassell’s compact dictionary strength can be defined or explained as “the quality of being strong, the relative degree to which, or aspect in which, a person or thing is strong, someone or something that supplies power or force, an attribute or quality seen as character asset (detachment is her strength), the number of people present or available ( the staff is below strength). Going to the word “ANGER”.

“ANGER” According to the cassell’s compact dictionary anger can be said to be or stated as “a situation or condition of fierce displeasure or passion excited by a sense of wrong”.

So going to the topic “STRENGTH DOESN’T COME FROM ANGER BUT FROM THE HEART”, when i mean strength, i mean real strength the power and energy to be able to do something more or less like determination, if you have anger against someone or something and trying to use the anger in form of strength against the person, you would make some blunders and mistakes in your anger you are converting to strength, because when you are angry you would do what you do not even expect because you would be in full rage and to me I can put anger or explain as another form of unconsciousness, as a result you would do things you can not do in your real form and what you do in such mood can be disastrous and it is irreversible you might achieve what you wanted but it would be at another cost.

We all know what heart means we can also call it mind, when i mean strength coming from the Heart, it is more like determination, the will to do something, if you do something of sort on free will with no anger or hatred but a plain mind you have a very great chance to succeed in the thing you do. If a person do something in a angry mood {for instance, lets say vengeance} you have a very high tendency of failing cos you will not be in a stable mood and your mind will not be focused well, you would only be thinking of how to get the revenge without analyzing the situation at hand and you will not be able to do the right thing. I have seen cases where people fight because they were angered by someone, even though they were right about what they wanted to fight for they still lost the fight because they did not calm their anger and analyze the situation but just rushed out to fight out of annoyance, if they had waited they might have even been helped by another person seeing the person’s was been infringed upon, and they could also have waited and thought with their heart with a best way to fight back and the heart never deceives a person cos it will never want the downfall of you.

It is always advisable to abates ones anger when being annoyed in a situation and think well with your heart, and not think the strength that comes from anger will help you with your situation but it will only worsen the situation by adding salt to your wound and it would also reduce stress and pressure on oneself. Thanks for reading.

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