A Person Who Masters Patience Masters Everything Else

As the saying goes “THE PATIENT DOG EAT THE FATTEST BONE“. A person who learns patience learns to endure in all situations and he won’t get shaken off by any circumstance whatsoever the circumstance might be either pressure from friends, family or work partner or in times of financial crisis he learns to endure and patiently waits till everything passes.                                     A person who is not patient or does not know how to endure can not get anywhere because while being impatient he rushes into bad decisions or bad company or advice which can ruin his life or cost him so much and might not have a chance of making amendments and that would be it for him. It is better to wait for the right time and do not rush into anything, even while being patient you would get even useful information before you take your next step you would be able to analyse carefully and know those that truly evenn care for you because in such situations people who ddo  not really care about you will surely leave you in your situation to deal with it yourself.                                                                                       

                            A patient person can always achieve anything he aims for because he would always have enough time to think through before making decisions and he would be able to see the varieties of things he wants to get and he would surely make a good decision for not rushing into action.                                                                                          It pays to be patient so as not to get into much trouble because people would offend you but if you are not patient you may end up making the wrong decision in retaliating and you may end up causing more trouble for yourself than the person did to you, but if you are patient you would surely learn and know how to forgive or let go even if you do not wish to forgive the person you will not rush into retaliation which will cost you more than you could imagine but it is always better to forgive so as to have a plain and clear mind in your doings.

So if you wish to attain high positions or be great in what you are doing and not to experience downfall or so as not to have any regrets for your decisions while be vexed or annoyed by someone or bieng in a critical situation or trying to face an obstacle it is better to calm down and analyse the situation so as not to take the wrong step.

The only thing that can favour one if he wants to achieve anything or reach any level in life is to learn to be patient, for through patience anything is achievable.

Thanks for reading.

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