Envy Is a Waste of Time it Will Give You Nothing But Headache

Envy according to the oxford dictionary says that ill will at the superiority, success or good fortune of others or a grudging sense of another’s superiority to oneselfs.
Envy can also be termed jealousy, when being jealous it means you have hatred or ill will towards the success or achievement of others.
if you have Envy towards your fellow friend it is a total waste of time and resoures it will not give you the time to think of how to make yourself a better person or how to move forward or do better things, you would only be thinking of the persons downfall which cannot happen because the person does not wish you evil.
If a person has a has a plain mind towards you and does not wish you any evil and all you wish the person is evil and downfall and not success out of envy and jealousy you won’t get any better in your present situation or from your present situation you will only continue to slack behinde because you will have more than enough things to think of and you will not feel any better or anything good from it but only regret.
It is always adviceable not to feel jealous or envious of another person but to be contented with what ever you have and never be to greedy with someone’s else fortune you don’t know how the other person got or amassed his or her wealth it may be in the illegal way and in the process of you envying the person you may end up putting your self in more trouble so it is better and the best to stay in your line and do not get jealous or envious of what is not yours.
When you envy someone you will lose a lot of things in the process of being envious you will not be able to see what is coming to you or what is about to be offered to you, it might even be the person you are jealous or have envy for that might want to help you but out of the envy and pride you have you will not be able to recieve the gift or help and when the person sees that you are not interested he would offer it out to another person or keep it to himself.
In the process of envy you try to bring evil to the person and the person is someone that prays and he his plain even in your envy ways the person will only continue to progress and you will continue to slack and become wretched so it is better to abstain from envy and pray to be richer or better than those that are superior to you and have a plain and clean minds towards all people and you will see the progress that will come to you.
Thanks for reading.

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