Freeze Declares: “Let Everyone Who Cares Know I’m Part Of AY’s Success”


It is often said that success has many brothers but failure is a vagabond. This statement can best describe the recent outcry of popular OAP, Freeze, as he has come out to associate himself with the recent Guinness World Record success of Comedian Ayo Makun.

Freeze, whose war with Basketmouth and Bovi has just reached a halt, posted on his IG page that he is so proud of AY, that he decided to associate himself with his success and letting everyone who cares to know that he was part of ‘30 Days In Atlanta’, the movie that took him to the Guinness Book of Records.

He wrote; “My dear friend @ayocomedian you have been more than a brother to me, you are by a wide margin Nigeria’s greatest comedian alive, except of course for our elder brother @alibabagcfr who has tutored us well and has been a father to us both. I knew you when we were both driving Honda ‘halla’ cars and I remember how I congratulated you on obtaining your first uk visa! Remember when you came to my house to celebrate the purchase of your first jeep, a Mercedes M class and the mirrors got stolen in front of my house… Lol! Our story spans several years and I am exceedingly proud of you! Today, as you celebrate yet another milestone, I am so proud of you that I have decided to famz you by letting everyone who cares to know that I was part of 30 days in Atlanta, the movie that took you into the GUINNESS book of records! I love you bro, you deserve every good thing that has come your way. FRZ”

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