Buhari Launches ‘Change Begins With Me’ Campaign

President Muhammadu Buhari has finally launched the national re-orientation campaign, themed “Change begins with me”.

The campaign, according to the Federal ministry of Information and culture, is geared towards engendering a holistic attitudunal change in Nigerians, thereby restoring credible value system, spirit of patriotism amongst others.

There are insinuations that the launch is a modified package of the defunct War Against Indiscipline, WAI, an anti-social vices programme of the military government led by Buhari as Head of State between 1983 and 1985.

President Buhari at the event said; “Everyone of us must change our old ways of doing things.”

He added that ‘If you cannot see the change in you, you cannot see the change in others’.

The Federal Ministry of Information and Culture in collaboration with the National Orientation Agency conceived the initiative.

What Does The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign mean for the common man?

The agencies, in a joint statement, had said the launch of #ChangeBeginsWithMe will herald a vigorous re-orientation campaign by the NOA, and the Agency’s presence deeply rooted in nooks and cranny of the country will help drive this campaign.

“#ChangeBeginsWithMe is conceived to address decay in our value system that stems from decline in core value of Discipline, Integrity, Patriotism, Dignity of Labour, Social Justice , Self Reliance. Religious Tolerance.

“#ChangeBeginsWithMe is also a reminder that if we want real change it must definitely begin with all of us as Nigerians. And it is expected that your actions and inactions can go a long way in influencing people around you.

“Let us start within our nuclear enclave of our respective families to influence members of households on nation’s core values to build Nigeria of our dream. Nations across the world leverage on their ‘patriotic’ citizens to attain greatness! Nigeria should not lag behind in using its core values to enhance socio-cultural, political and economic spheres of our great nation, the statement said.

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