No Solution – Popular Nollywood Producer Opens Up On S exuality In Industry

Nollywood producer, Emem Isong, has addressed the allegations that male producers demand for sex from up and coming female actresses in the industry.

The script writer stated that she is aware of the existence of s exuality in the industry, but clueless on how it could be curbed.

“I don’t know anything about that. I am not saying it does not exist, but I wouldn’t know what can be done,” She said

Emem also shared her thoughts on the notion that the industry is collapsing.

According to her, “I feel the industry is getting better, though things seem a little bit slower because there is change. It is a global thing. Everything is getting more digital, movies are being streamed online. CDs are being forged but I guess it is the change that is making it look like it is collapsing. Things are actually getting better.

“We are winning awards and making more money, those are success stories. People should just sit up and do better films. We should work on distribution too. It would be getting better.”

On what she feels the present administration can do to move the industry forward, she said, “I always talk about piracy. I believe in distribution. A lot of cinemas have sprang up here and there. It is not the duty of government to build cinemas but making policies that are favourable to businessmen and investors. The more cinemas we have, the more money we would make in the industry.”

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