Singer, Sunny Neji Hits HARD At Wife Beaters, Calls Them ‘Devil’

Singer, Sunny Neji, has lamented the high spate of domestic violence and child abuse in the country.

Neji disclosed that he finds it appalling, citing that a man who can go as far as that, has definitely lost his humanity.

“I was not molested as a child; that is why I am finding it so difficult to believe this is happening today. What is going on? Are we losing our humanity? I never experienced all those things growing up in my village in Cross River State.

“As a village boy, I started singing and dancing, and those things (abuses) were not common. So, I don’t know what is happening to the society of today. What is going on? It is as if the devil has just descended and he is taking people over and causing them to do terrible things. Parents are molesting children; it is unthinkable and sickening. It is a terrible thing,”

“That is why every sane human being needs to stand up against these things. For husbands who beat up their wives, I think it is very childish. They need to grow up. Why would you raise up your hand to beat a woman? It doesn’t make any sense. I heard that some women also beat up their husbands (laughs); women need to grow up too.

“I took part in the recent walk against domestic violence, I hope that it is going to inspire my colleagues in the entertainment industry to stand up and join us in this fight against domestic violence and child abuse. I would also hope that this would prick the consciences of people who engage in such acts and help them to turn around. So, I hope it goes a long way in making an impact.”

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