Dj Jimmy Jatt Gives Stern Warnings To Artistes Over Unhealthy Competition In Industry

Dj Jimmy Jatt has taken time to elaborate on the different qualities of music, inherent competition and the kind of environment allocation were they are most needed.

The legendary disk jockey took his time to share more knowledge on the unhealthy competition in the industry which is popularly termed as beef.

“Its there, without a doubt, there is competition anyway, its how you take it. Some people take competition as rivalry, while others take it as enmity. Some take competition healthy,”

He said further that “for me, I take it the good way. I look at it as, what is the next man doing right, I need to step up my game, what is the other man doing wrong, I need to avoid that. People complement each other, that’s how it supposed to be.”

“I look at myself as I am that guy that help people in that competition move. So you need to set up people to chase you, and if they chase you, you would be on the run, and its better that you are on the run, than been stagnant and hold people back,”

“Some other people play that way, they hold people down, if you keep doing that, you will never grow. When you are holding people don, they find other ways, and you are still there stagnant,”

“So its best when you compliment people, bring them up, at the end of the day, u see yourself coming up too.”

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