Actress, Peggy Ovire Unravels Plug Behind New Project

Actress, Peggy Ovire has unraveled the plug behind her new project, which she claims are close to completion.

She opened up on the synopsis and plans of the project, which according to her is time consuming.

“I have a movie called ‘Ufeoma’, which will be coming out very soon and i also have ‘Feel Me Once’, so excited and cant wait for others to see what am up to,” Peggy said

She added that ‘Feel Me Once’ Is about class, you would see fantastic locations, world shot movie, betrayals, then love as well, as for the first one, its more like an urban movie, with no make up.”

The actress also said that both project she is working on, has been taken much of her time, promising that its going to be among her best projects when it hits the cinemas.

The Nollywood actress and producer won the most beautiful girl in campus, while in Delta State University in 2003, before she joined the movie industry. She has featured in movies like ‘Trouble King’, ‘Best Of Enemies’, and many others.

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