Kcee : Singer Responds To Fans Incessant Criticism

Five Star Artiste, Kcee has opened up on how criticisms from fans and close friends have had tremendous effect on his life overtime.

According to the singer, instead of reacting when negative comments from fans are made about him, experiences have taught him to apply caution.

“Have been able to succumb to these dramas from experiences I have had over the years, am always calm when stories come up about me, no matter what you say about me, all I try to do is to learn or adjust from whatever is going on, or said about me,”.

“ I know the right thing to do and I know when am also doping wrong. If am being cautioned, I also know. So whatever you do or say about me, you can’t see me react, all I do is learn if am wrong and if am right, I focus.”

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