Reminisce: After Firing Manager, Rapper Reveals Top Priority


Few days after Rapper, Reminisce dissolved management deal with Ibrahim Okulaja, he dishes out new priorities.

According to him, his top priority is to give his fans good music and nothing more.

“There is nothing like international collaboration for me, what do you mean by international market? Should I be sounding like Chris Brown or what? International market means sounding like Reminisce, and they would definitely come. The reason for this is because our artistes here are making it big time over there,” He said

“Wizkid helped Drake, so they are Reminiscedefinitely coming here for the rest of us, but that not my priority right now. My priority is to give my fans good music and whatever comes with it, promote, do what I am suppose to do. So for me, that’s not a tick whether I have succeeded or not, if it comes fine, and if it does not same goes”.

It would be recalled that the local rapper a he is fondly called, terminated his contract with his manager for many years due to disagreement between them , just few weeks after announcement of his new album.

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