Healthy Foods That Are MESSING With Your Sperm

Despite the fact that these foods are considered healthy for consumption, they are not good for you as a man. To maximize the vitality and potency of your sperm, you should avoid the foods listed below. Doing so will increase the quality and the count of sperm in most cases.

Meat: Organic meat is generally considered healthy in moderation, however if you are trying to make babies, you should be quite mindful of the meat you consume. Lean proteins and fish are best in this scenario, try to avoid or greatly limit the quantity of red meat in your diet. Men who consume high amounts of red meat and processed meats are known to have lower quality sperm and lower sperm counts.

Full-Fat Dairy: Dangerous environmental elements are likely the cause of full-fat dairy lowering sperm count and quality rather than the cows. The pesticides and chemicals in the ground, water and in their food are affecting the general makeup of dairy products such as cheese and whole milk. You do not have to eliminate dairy entirely, simply switch to lower-fat dairy items to increase sperm quality and count.

Soy-based Foods: As you are eliminating full-fat dairy, do not turn to soy as a replacement. Soy milk and soy based foods are directly linked to a noticeable decrease in male fertility. The isoflavone phytoestrogens in soy are the culprits affecting male hormones and negatively affecting a man’s ability to reproduce. People who consume high levels of these foods and overweight men who eat soy are the most likely to develop issues. If you are looking for a milk alternative, consider almond milk and coconut milk instead.

Fruit with Pesticides: Fruit is good for you, however the type of fruit you consume can affect sperm count and sperm quality. Any fruit you consume should be organic. Pesticides are one of the biggest offenders in negatively affecting sperm, they directly affect the balance of hormones in your body which directly impacts sperm production. If you are not eating organic fruit, you should soak fruit in a water and vinegar bath for a few hours to remove as much of the chemicals as possible.
These healthy foods will negatively affect your sperm. Do not forget to avoid saturated fats, caffeine and alcohol to improve your sperm count and the quality of your sperm, as well. You do not have to stop eating them forever, just until you are successful in procreation.

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