6 Quick Ways To Reduce Puffy Eyes

You had an allnighter? and have an event the next morning and all you see in the mirror are your puffy eyes starring right back at you! No need to fret, check out these quick ways to make your eyes look amazing again in a blink.
mild swelling or puffiness of the eyes caused by stress, lack of sleep and anxiety, also it could be an allergic reaction or from a poor diet.
1. Massage the eyes gently.
2. Place ice cube over your closed eye lids for just a few seconds.
3. Place spoons in freezer or place in ice, place spoons over both eyes until swelling vanishes.
4. Place your used teabag in the freezer the night before or if in a hurry place in cold water squeeze, and place on closed eyelids.
5. Separate the whitish part of an egg from the yolk, beat it in a cup, use fingers to apply on puffy area, leave for a while to dry then rinse in cold water. This is a long term method it tightens the skin around the eyelids.
6. Add salt in warm water, make sure its not hot, place cotton balls in them and place on closed eyelids and leave till cotton balls are dry, for approx 20 – 25 mins.

Be sure to try at least one of these Methods, and you are good to go.
Thanks for reading.

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