BUSTED! OAU Students Nabbed For Selling Inside Hostel (Photos)

It was a bad ‘Market Day’ for some students of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), when porters of the Fajuyi Hall carried out a parade, entered into their rooms and seized their goods.

We gathered that the parade took place at 10:00am, on Wednesday, and the porters seized goods such as bread, noodies, spaghetti, eggs and other wares sold by students inside their rooms in the hostel.

The porters stated that their actions were based on a directive from the Division of Student Affairs.

The students involved pleaded with the porters not to take away their goods as it is their source of livelihood while other students came out in support of those whose goods were seized.

The aggrieved students protested and claimed that hostels are meant for students and any transactions that happened between students in the hall did not concern the porters.

The porters, however, tried to lock up the rooms where the good were seized but their action was met by defiant students.

This almost turned into a free for all between the students and the porters.

Some of the students who spoke withus under condition of anonymity said they prefer to buy things from their fellow students instead of patronizing Faj buttery where the staff treat students with disgustCapture-faj-316x337


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