Arsene Wenger Reveals His Greatest Fear In Life


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted he is scared to retire after serving for almost two decades at the club.

Wenger who arrived at Arsenal in 1996, has gone on to become one of the longest serving managers in football history but with a year left on his current deal , there are reports that he might not sign another deal with the Gunners at the end of the current deal.

Arsene Wenger disclosed: Football has been my life, and honestly, I’m quite scared of the day. Because the longer I wait, the more difficult it will be to lose the addiction,’

‘After Sir Alex Ferguson retired and we played Manchester United over there he sent a message to me to come up and have a drink with him.

‘I asked: “Did you miss it?” and he said: “Not at all.” I didn’t understand that. It’s an emptiness in your life, especially when you’ve lived your whole life waiting for the next game and trying to win it.’

Arsenal are reportedly prepared for life after the departure of the Frenchman that has brought in a new philosophy to the North London club and helped them achieve the success of building Emirates Stadium.

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