Eating Enough Cruciferous Vegetables Helps Fight Cancer – Expert

Food technologist Mr Ochuko Erinkainwe, says most cancer cases can be prevented by eating enough Cruciferous vegetables, noting that it remains the only natural food that helps to fight the disease.

Erinkainwe spoke on Monday in Lagos at an event to observe the World Food Day which was celebrated on Oct. 16. Erinkainwe said that Nigeria’s vegetable spread had what it takes in the fight against cancer. Erinkainwe, the Public Relations Officer of Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN), said that emphasis on World Food Day should on eating right for healthy living as ‘food is healing.’

“Researches have proved beyond doubt that people who eat more natural plant foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Our daily meals count a lot when it comes to cancer risk factors, what we eat determines how much immunity we have in our body and also building resistant fluids inside the systems.

Erinkainwe said that Cruciferous vegetables may have the most powerful anti-cancer properties. This family of vegetables includes green vegetables, cabbage, onions, broccoli and some others like cauliflower. “All vegetables contain protective micro-nutrients and phytochemicals, but cruciferous vegetables have a unique chemical composition, he added.

“Regular intake of vegetables, most especially in-between cruciferous vegetables has a potent antioxidant against breast, lung, prostate, and colorectal cancer. Cruciferous vegetables are far more potent. These observations in cell culture and animal studies have been confirmed by epidemiological studies drawing connections between cruciferous vegetable intake and cancer incidence.” Erinkainwe stated.

“To maximize the potency of our cruciferous vegetables, methods of preparation must be taken into consideration to aid digestion and absorption into the blood stream.” Erikainwe said that chopping, chewing, blending or juicing allows for production benefits, whereas some benefits may be lost with boiling or steaming. He added that the maximum benefit was eating cruciferous vegetables raw.

Cruciferous vegetables are not only the most powerful anti-cancer foods in existence; they are also the most nutrient-dense of all vegetables. The National Cancer Institute in America recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day for cancer prevention; they have not yet established specific recommendations for cruciferous vegetables. Consuming a large variety of these rich cruciferous vegetables within an overall nutrient-dense diet can provide us with a profound level of protection against cancer,” he said.

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