Coconut Water: Dehydration And Hangover Remedy

Have you ever been dehydrated after a long exercise, and see the need to bask in a sports drink or energy drink to regain those lost nutrients? Sure! Sodas, sugary drinks or sports drinks would be what most of us would opt for. Exchanging sports drinks for a mouthful of some coconut water is a very wise decision.

It is funny how we can easily get access to coconuts in Nigerian and, often we have failed to acknowledge its value. The coconut water is a fine tasteful drink. Apart from its satisfying taste, it also has lots of nutrient that the body needs. If you have planned on staying healthy this year, these are the reasons why you would want to exchange your bottle of soft drinks for some coconut water.coconut-water-300x117

Benefits of Coconut Water

The coconut water is very tasty and satisfying to the taste bud. It is super hyderating.
It is naturally isotonic to human plasma; could be used to as a first aid to rehydrate the body if injected intravenously.
It provides the body with natural magnesium, electrolytes, calcium, sodium, and more potassium than what four bananas could give.
Health Doctor Kathleen Zelman, proved that the coconut water is low in calories, and cholesterol. It therefore helps in weight loss effort.
Interestingly, for those that take too much alcohol than their stomach could carry, coconut water helps to settle the stomach and replace electrolytes lost during vomiting.
The tropical application of natural coconut water on the skin moisturizes it and helps to clear up skin rashes and acne. This is why most facial creams and scrubs have coconut as part of their ingredients.
Amongst its many benefits, the coconut water also helps to facilitate digestion and reduces blood pressure.

Replacing coconut water for sports drinks would not only provide that good taste you want, but also give your body those nutrients needed. However, one can only get the best from natural coconut water as packaged ones are often salty and contain sugar.

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